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Introduction to Tip Cat  by Dr. K Horst, Lektor de engl. Sprache and der Techniscen zu Darmstadt.  [December1907] 

[The article is written in German.  This is my translation (noting that my language skill is what I call "librarian's German"--good enough to scan for content for cataloging a book but a bit rough)  World Cat lists the 1914 issue of this publication which includes G. F. Whitaker as a co-author.  I believe G. F. Whitaker is the husband, son, or brother of Evelyn Whitaker and the executor of her estate. kcp]

The title page says it is a "hand-out" with 2 photographs [missing from the volume in this collection.  kcp]

Preface and Writer's Biography

paragraph 1

The present volume contains a narrative of English children, delightfully resembling the story already enjoyed by German school children:  Little Lord Fauntleroy.  This book Tip Cat will also be enjoyable in classroom instruction.  Because this book has been given to English students in awards ceremonies (as prizes), its value has been proven.

paragraph 2 is a plot summary which I did not translate.

paragraph 3 (which I did not translate) praises the writing style and the author's descriptions of family life in London and in  rural England.  I think it also notes that the story deals with ordinary people in real-life situations.

paragraph 4 (which I did not translate) offers thanks and acknowledgement to

  1. Herren Gripper und Beatley, London for the photographs;
  2. I think it also mentions those who brought the originals to Berlin & the reproduction of the photos for handouts
  3. Herr A. Rutari in London, a friend who served as the middle-man in these arrangements.

paragraph 5 is a real treasure, a page-long biography of the author of Tip Cat.  My rough translation:

The authoress of Tip Cat comes from a very respected  family. Showing great godliness, she has spent her whole life in the service of the oppressed and the sick (the diseased, those in pain and in grief). In genuine (authentic) piety she considers herself only a humble tool of One Higher/The Highest/[i.e.God].  Therefore, having discovered her gift (talent) with the pen, she decided to keep her name a strict secret.  It seems to her that the only way for her work to succeed (to be truly valuable) is for her own self (her ego) not to be bright (to shine) but for her to stand modestly (humbly) in the background.

She herself wrote to me in answer to my question of whether she would impart (communicate) her life story to be published with this edition of Tip Cat, in the most modest manner:

"I do not think there is anything in my private life that would be interesting to the public."

And so, we are obliged to honor the wish of the authoress and it is denied to us to know her name on the title page.

As she so beautfully has year after year, she relies on her pleasing (pleasant) storytelling to take root in young people.  Her imagination, with its appealing hero and heroine in trying circumstance, and her "spinning out" [of the story] as a wisewoman, is in the position to follow (to obey) always a faithful love, seeing the worth of all people, little and great.

No wonder her stories are "on the fast track" especially since Tip Cat and Laddie have appeared.  Year after year, a crowd of eager readers greets her books with delight and appreciation.

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