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Drawer 1 of this annotated catalog contains these titles by Evelyn Whitaker:
Baby Bob, Baby John, Dear, and Don
and includes summaries of publishers' advertisements and descriptions of bindings.
[I will be adding photo scans of more bindings in the future. kcp]

Baby Bob:

[no author]:  Baby Bobby the author of  Laddie, Tip-Cat, Gay, Don, Belle, Tom's Boy, etc   London & Edinburgh:  W. & R. Chambers, Limited, 1908. 307 p.  with six illustrations by W. H. C. Groome

binding:  red pictorial, title embossed in gold on front and spine, printed black with brown & white, man & woman in Edwardian dress on front (he's wearing motoring dusting & goggles), man holding baby on spine

48 pg ad at back, most with covers displayed, some illustrations:

Books by the Author of Laddie, Tip-Cat with publisher blurbs:  Tom's Boy,  Pomona, Don, A Tribute by the author of Laddie by Frances Willard, The Women's Temple, Chicago, October 29 '95 {p. 11}; by the author of Laddie:  Lassie, Baby John, Zoe {p. 41}.

other authors & illustrators listed:  L. T. Meade(many, many titles listed); Mrs. Molesworth; E. Westyn Timlow, Mrs. Alfred Baldwin; May Baldwin; Raymon Jacberns; Agnes Giberne; G. Manville Fenn; G. A. Henty, John Oxenham, Louis Becke, R. E. Francillon; Louis Tracy, Harold Bindloss,Edwin Lester Arnold, Lieut-Col A. F. Mockler-Ferryman; A. Conan Doyle; Guy Boothby, H. A. Bryden; F. T. Bullen, Fred Wishaw; David Ker, W. W. Jacobs; D. Christie Murray, Kent Carr; Andrew Home; Everett McNeil; David Lawson Johnstone; Elizabeth W. Grierson; Elinor C. Price; Edith E. Cowper; Edward S. Ellis; Gordon Stables; J. Macdonald Oxley; John Finnemore; H. Barrow-North; Charles R. Kenyon; J. Maclaren Cobban; Reginald Horsley; Hugh St. Leger; Edward Garrett; Lassie and Laddie by Mary D. Brine;  Amy Walton; Esme Stuart; Mrs. O'Reilly; Emma Marshall; E. L.  Haverfield; L. E. Tiddeman; Katherine Pyle; Dr. John Brown{Rev. D.D.}; A. Lee Knight; R. F. Outcault; Henry Frith; Helen Waters; Helen Waters; Lily Martyn; Edith C. Kenyon; M. F. Tytler; Daniel Defoe; J. S. Fletcher; F. M. Holmes; Alice Turner Curtis; W. E. Cole; Henley L. Arden; M Bramstone; Susan Oliphant; Robert Chambers, LLD; Mrs. Lynn Linton; A. B. Edwards; W. Moy Thomas; A. M. Sargeant; Mrs. Crowe; Percy B. St. John; Leitch Ritchie;  Frances Brown; Andrew Wilson; W. Chambers, LLD; J. B. Harwood; Edna Lyall; Thomas Miller; Mary Howitt; L. E. Tiddeman; Mrs. S. C. Hall; M. and J. M'Kean; F. S. Potter; Hans C. Anderson; Evan J. Cuthberston; Mary Cochrane; Violet Brooke Hunt; Mary Gorges; Emma Geillandbrand; Hon. Eva Knatche-bull Hugessen; Mrs. Fairbairn; Davina Waterson; Miss Edgeworth; B. Parker; Ethel Franklin Betts; Gustave Verbeek; Bunny; Clara Andrews Williams; John Howard Jewett; Emma Carter Wight; Margaret Johnson.


Illustrators:  Lewis Baumer; A. S. Boyd; Percy Tarrant, Steven Spurrier, H. R. Richards, Charles Pears; W. Rainey; J. Ayton Symington; J. Williamson; Everard Hopkins; W. Boucher; J. Finnemore, R. Barnes; Harold Copping; C. M. Sheldon; W. S. Stacey; Arthur Rackham; W. M. Cary; A. Talbot Smith; Clement Flower; R. Lillie; J. T. Murray; Mabel L. Attwell; Jessie Wilson; Jessie Macgregor; Hilda Cowham; G. Nicolet; W. J. Urquhart; H. Sandham; W. V. Cahill; W. Hatherell; H. A. Bone; Miss Attwell; J. D. Watson; Ruth Rollins; W. J. Mein; N. Parker; W. W. Denslow; William Parkinson; George Alfred Williams; Anna Upjohn; Jessie Walcott.


Baby John:

[no author]:  Baby John.by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission,  Laddie, Tip-Cat, Our Little Ann, Pen, Lil, ZoŽ,  Rose and Lavender, Pris, Dear.   Boston:  Roberts Brothers, 1892. 114 p.  University Press, John Wilson and Son, Cambridge.  Bound with Zoe and For the Fourth Time of Asking.         

binding:  dull blue, black floral upper left with title on front.   black on spine  change green to blue, no gold on spine, plain end papers probably a cheaper edition but otherwise uniform with my copies of Lil, and Our Little Ann.

16 pg ad at back:

Books by the Author of MTM and Laddie with quotes    Miss Toosey's Mission,  Laddie, Tip-Cat, Our   Little Ann, Pen, Lil, ZoŽ, Rose and Lavender, Pris.

other authors & illustrators listed:   Miss A. G. Plympton, Susan Coolidge, Eleanor Putnam, Arlo   Bates, Frank Myrick (illus.), Mrs. Wesselhoeft, Lily F. Wessel,   Jessie McDermott (illus.), Mary P. Wells Smith,   Louisa M. Alcott, Mary Mapes Dodge, Laura E. Richards,  E. H. Garrett (illus.), Mrs. Ewing & her sister H.K.P. Gatty, Randolph Caldecott and Gordon Browne (illus.).



[Whitaker, Evelyn]:  Baby John, ZoŽ, and For the Fourth Time of Asking.     By Evelyn Whitaker author of "Miss Toosey's Mission," "Laddie,"  "Our Little Ann," etc.    Boston:  Little, Brown, and Company, 1903.     copyright 1892, 1893 by Roberts Brothers copyright 1899 by Little Brown & Company University Press:  John Wilson and Son, Cambridge 382 p. frontis illustrated by J ? Harley

binding:  tan cloth, front stamped and embossed with dark  green floral vines and fruit trees, title in red on front  and spine  (same cover design as my copy of  Lassie, although different publisher, same printer University Press, John Wilson and Son, Cambridge.) uniform with  Pen.   Book jacket: brown paper with same design as binding cover

4 pg illustrated publisher ads

Belle.  A New Book by the author "Miss Toosey's Mission"

other authors and illustrators mentioned: Louisa May Alcott, Miss Ewing,  Harriet Prescot Spofford (13 titles)



[no author]:  Belle.  By the author of Laddie, Miss Toosey's Mission, Don, Pomona, Rose and Lavender etc.  Edinburgh:  W. &. R.  Chambers, Limited, n.d.   296 p.  with six illustrations by G. Nicolet   

binding:  green, embossed floral front & spine, printed pictorial (girl in red dress)

        reverse title lists "by the author of Laddie, Tip Cat, etc.:


reverse title lists "by the author of Laddie, Tip Cat, etc.":

Tom's Boy (8 illus. Percy Tarrant) Don (8 illus. by J. Finnemore) Pomona (8 illus by Robert Barnes) Baby Bob (6 illus. by W.H.C. Groome) Gay (6 illus. by Percy Tarrant) Belle (6 illus. by G. Nicolet) Phoebe's Hero (with illustrations) Rose and Lavender (4 orig. illus by Herbert A. Bone) Lassie (frontis by Jessie Wilson) Baby John (frontis by Herbert A. Bone) Zoe (illustrated)




[no author]:  Dear.  By the author of "Tip-Cat," and Miss Toosey's Mission. "  London:  A. D. Innes, 1892   312 pprinted by Richard Clay & Sons, London & Bungay.                     

binding:  maroon cloth, embossed floral front & back, gilded titles front & spine

                   8 pb. publisher ads at back

"New Books and New Editions for                                Christmas 1892."  lists Dear by the author of Tip Cat

The Tip Cat Series each volume uniform, cloth extra 3s.6d. "a select series of books for girls, uniform in style, binding, and price."  The following volumes are now ready: By the author of Laddie:  Tip Cat Pen  Our Little Ann.

Other authors & illustrators mentioned include:  Stella Austin, Alice Weber, Helen Shipton, C.M. Yonge, C.R. Coleridge  

Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers


Don, a story for girls:

[no author]:  Don, a story for girls.  By the author of "Tip-Cat," "Laddie," "Pomona," "Belle," Rose and Lavender," etc.  London & Edinburgh:  W. & R. Chambers, n.d.  Edinburgh:  printed by W. & R. Chambers. 376 p. frontis, 8 illustrations by J. Finnemore.                    

binding:  red cloth, front & spine, stamped & embossed in black and cream pictorial of one lady reading to another, girl reading on spine, gilded titles (almost worm away on this  copy)

with dark inscription on front end paper in ink difficult to read:  "Presented to Annie Hopkinson as a token of her  unfailing good conduct throughout the whole of her school life.  A. Morgan All Saints' School March 24th 1910."

48 p. publisher's catalog:

Books for Girls by the author of Laddie, Tom's Boy, Don, Pomona, Gay, Belle, Rose and Lavender, Baby John, Lassie, Zoë

other authors and illustrators mentioned:

L.T. Meade (38 titles many with illus. covers),   May Baldwin (8 titles),  Mrs. Molesworth (20 titles)  Raymond Jacbern, G. Manville Fenn, John Finnemore, Andrew Home, Everett McNeil, G.A. Henty, G.M. Fenn, A. Conan Doyle, W.W. Jacobs, Gordon Staples, etc.

Listings are followed by illustrated descriptions many showing the cover binding.

Other female authors listed: E. Westyn Timlow & Mrs. Alfred Baldwin, Agnes Gilberne, Mrs. G. De Horne Valsey, Emma Marshall, Mrs. Oliphant, Eleanor C. Price, Edith E. Cowper, Mary D. Brine, Amy Walton, Esme Stuart, Mrs. O'Reilly, Katherine Pyle,  Helen Waters, Lily Martyn, Edith C. Kenyon, Edna Lyell, Mary Howitt, Mrs. S. C. Hall, Mary    Cochrane, Violet Brooke Hunt, Mary Gorges, Mrs. Fairbairn, Davina Waterson, Miss Edgeworth,  Clara Andrews Williams, Emily Carter Wight, Margaret Johnson. Also listed a large number of male authors 



[no author]:  Don.  By the author of "Laddie," "Miss Toosey's Mission," "Tip-Cat," "Pomona," "etc.   Boston:  Roberts Brothers, 1895. 332 p. frontis by J. Finnemore.  printer John Wilson and son,  Cambridge,  USA          

inscribed:  "Ellen M. Hoover"

binding:  bright turquoise cloth over board, front & spine stamped and embossed in gold with title and floral design.          uniform with my other Roberts Brother's titles:  Baby John, Lil, Our Little Ann, Tom's Boy

          4 pg. advertisement at back:

Books by author of MTM and Laddie with quotes:   Miss Toosey's Mission and Laddie, Tip Cat, Our Little  Ann, Pen, Lil, Zoe, Rose and Lavender, Pris, Dear, Baby John, Pomona, For the Fourth Time of Asking.

Other authors & illustrators mentioned:                    Susan Coolidge, Mrs. Ewing,  Mary P. W. Smith [illus.]

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