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Drawer 3 of this annotated catalog contains these titles by Evelyn Whitaker:
Laddie and includes summaries of publishers' advertisements and descriptions of bindings. 
[I will be adding photo scans of more bindings in the future. kcp]


[no author]:  Laddie by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission. Philadelphia:  Henry Altemus Company, copyright 1897. 65 p.  

inscribed in ink:  "A Happy New Year Best Wishes to "Bertha" from "Hugh" 1906"   

binding:  soft green suede leather with gilded title and   embossed with leaves (deco style, chrysanthemums or fern)

page at back includes ad:

"Altemus' Love and Friendship Series Dainty, inexpensive volumes, very popular as gifts for holidays and anniversaries.  Half white vellum and gold  with exquisite floral sides, 25 cents."  Nos 28 & 29: MTM & Laddie

other authors in this series:  Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Frederic Harrison, Eugene Field, Emma Gellibrand, Matthew Arnold, Edward Everett Hale, Sir John Lubbock, Rudyard Kipling, Washington Irving, John Ruskin, Maurice Hewlett, Ralph Connor, W. A. Fraser.

[no author]:  Laddie by the author of Miss Toosey's MissionPhiladelphia:  Henry Altemus Company, copyright 1897.  65 p.  probably Altemus' Love and Friendship Series. 

inscribed:  "A Merrie Christmas to Viola from Kathryn. Dec  25-07." in a calligraphic script in ink   

binding:  white/ivory vellum or linen with gold embossed title  and designs  on front,  stamped floral yellow, green & white  daisies with rural   scene paste-on

2 pgs. ad at back mention:

Dickens, Harriet T. Comstock,  Louisa M. Alcott, Amanda M. Douglas, Susan Coolidge, H. Irving Hancock, Rose Terry  Cooke, Florence Morse Kingsley, Sarah Austin & L. Haskell


[no author]:  Laddie by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission. Philadelphia:  Henry Altemus Company, copyright 1897. 65 p.   probably Altemus' Love and Friendship Series.  

binding:  white/ivory vellum or linen with gold embossed title  and designs ns on front,  fleur de lis ground with   stamped floral gold, green & white  lily of the valley

2 pgs. ad at back:

Altemus' Love and Friendship Series Nos 28 & 29: Miss Toosey's Mission & Laddie

other authors in this series:  Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frederic Harrison, Eugene Field, Emma Gellibrand, Matthew Arnold, Edward Everett Hale, Sir John   Lubbock, Rudyard Kipling, Washington Irving, John  Ruskin, Maurice Hewlett, Ralph Connor, W. A. Fraser.

Other authors & illustrators:  Frances Ridley Havergal (8 titles), Phillips Brooks, Dwight L. Moody, Andrew Murray, Henry    Drummond, Martin Luther, Thomas Arnold, William E. Gladston, Ashton Oxenden, Dean Stanley, Elizabeth Robinson Scovil (3 titles), Hannah Whitall Smith, Rev. F. B. Meyer, Hesba   Stretton (2 titles), R. W. Church, Robert F. Horton,  Henry Ward Beecher, T.S. Elliott.


[no author]:  Laddie by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission  with illustrations by Eliot Keen. The Editha Series.   New York & Boston:  H.M. Caldwell Co., no date,   82 p.     

inscribed in ink:  Hazel Boss, July 29, 1907

 binding:  green cloth covered board with gold embossed title on  front with paper paste-on of Chinese children.




[no author]:  Laddie by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission with illustrations by Eliot Keen.  Every Boy's Library Series.  New York & Boston:  H. M. Caldwell Co., no date.  82 p.    

binding:  green cloth over board, front stamped in dark green,  paste-on boy in straw hat holding a basket with a puppy  dust jacket: boy in red cap sewing a baseball cover  with post card to Donald Dodge postmarked Sep 16, 1913


Whitaker, Evelyn:  Laddie. by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission.   New York:  Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., [n.d.] 52 p.

binding:  blue cloth over boards, floral box stamped in white on  the front with author and title in embossed gold   the author's name appears only on the front cover.    obviously an inexpensive gift edition, no illus, cheap paper


[no author]:  Laddie. by the author of Miss Toosey's MissionNew York:  E. P. Dutton, 1891.   114 p.  Illustrated.  

binding:  white leather-like, paper paste-on blue birds and pink flowers (probably azaleas); the front title in gold  4 black & white illus. by H. Winthrop Pierce.


[no author]:  Laddie. by the author of Miss Toosey's MissionChicago:  M.A. Donohue & Company, 1902.   224 p.   Bound with Treasure-Trove: An Account of the Golden Age of New York by  Washington Iriving; The Insanity of Cain by Mary  Mapes Dodge; An Encounter with an Interviewer by  Mark Twain; The Painter's Bargain by William Makepeace Thackeray; The Lady Rohesia by Richard H. Barham.  

binding:  tan cloth over board, front  stamped in black deco design with title "Laddie" in red 

inscribed:  "A Merry Christmas to Steven From Aunt Nora."


[no author]:  Laddie  by the author of Tip Cat.   by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission, Tip Cat, Pen,  Our Little Ann, etc.  London & Melbourne:  Ward, Lock & Co., n.d.  123 pages.  colored frontis    printed in Great Britain by Butler and Tanner, Frome & London   

binding:  ecru cloth, embossed and stamped in black, with color paste-on (a lovely portrait of Laddie and his Mother upon her arrival)

4 additional pages of publisher's ad   

[For issues of Laddie bound with Miss Toosey's Mission, see below.]          

Miss Toosey's Mission and Laddie bound together:


[no author]:  Miss Toosey's Mission and Laddie.   Chicago:  Montgomery Ward & Co. Publishers,  [n.d.].   75 p. + 82 p.,  illus.   

inscribed in pencil: "Pauline from Auntie."   

 binding:  pale green cloth-covered boards, embossed front and spine with pale teal and gold Easter lilies [This is the first volume acquired for the collection.  kcp]



[no author]:   Miss Toosey's and Laddie(spine reads Miss Toosey's MissionNew York:  H. M. Caldwell Co[n.d.].  75 p. + 82 p., illus 

inscribed, beautiful script  "Aunt Margaret to Marion Christmas 1902"   

binding:  ivory cloth-covered boards,  embossed front & spine with gold flowers ?jack-in-the-pulpit? paper paste on, passion flower with angel, Mary, dove descending


[no author]:  Laddie.  Miss Toosey's MissionPhiladelphia:  Henry Altemus, n.d.  150 p.    frontis by Walter Cooper Bradley    

binding:  turquoise, front & spine deco embossed and gilded with paper paste-on pink/green old barn & barren trees by road

36 pg. publisher ads.

Altemus' Illustrated Vademecum Series lists Miss Toosey's Mission & Laddie, ZoŽ.

Altemus' Illustrated Petit-Trianon Series "popular" titles include  Laddie & Miss Toosey's Mission and Zoe  and others by Mulock, Sewell, Gaskell, Stretton, et al.

Altemus' Good Times Series "strongly appeals to those who judiciously select what children should read" includes Laddie Miss Toosey's Mission, and a number of mostly women writers:  Florence Morse Kingsely, Sarah Trimmer, Julianna H. Ewing, Elizabeth Wetherell, Tudor Jenks, Madame La  Contesse de Segur, Gabrielle E. Jackson, Hesba Stretton, Rudolph Erich Raspe.

Altemus' Love and Friendship Series "dainty, inexpensive... very popular as gifts for holidays and anniversaries... half  white vellum & gold with exquisite floral sides" includes  Laddie and MTM and works by Emma Gellibrand et al.

Other authors and illustrators mentioned:  Sewell, Alcott, M & E Kirby M. Nataline Crumpton, Mary C. Rowsell   (Honor Bright), Frances Crompton, L. T. Meade, Ruth  Ogden, Mary D. Brine, Frances Ridley Havergal, Elisabeth Robinson  Scovil, Hannah Whitall Smith, Hesba Stretton, Edith V.  Bradt, Charles Dickens,  Harriet T. Comstock, Louisa M. Alcott,  Amanda M. Douglas, Rose Terry Cooke, Susan Coolidge, Florence Morse Kingsley, Sarah Austin, Minna Thomas  Antrim, Anna Chapin Ray (Bumper and Baby John), Amanda M. Douglas, Gabrielle E. Jackson   Florence Morse Kingsley, Ellen Velvin,  Eleanor G.   Walton, Carolyn Wells, Kate Douglas et al




[no author]:  Laddie.  Miss Toosey's MissionPhiladelphia:  Henry Altemus, 1897.   150 p.    color frontis by W.H. ?Lucken", copyright by Altemus 1899.  

 inscribed:     "Lena Miller.  Margaret E. Dawes, Teacher, June 1, 1900

binding:  green stamped leaves (fern, chrysanthemum) stamped in   light green like the suede copy of Laddie with stamped and gold  embossed floral designs (?art deco?) and title on front and spine

15 pg. publisher ads.

Altemus' Vademecum Series includes MTM & Laddie, and ZoŽ.

Altemus' Illustrated Library of Standard Authors


[no author]:  Laddie and Miss Toosey's MissionRahway, NJ:  The Mershon Company, [n.d.].  182 p.  

binding:  red stamped in black, embossed in gold, deco


Evelyn Whitaker:  Laddie.  by Evelyn Whitaker, The Author of Zoe, etc.  bound with Miss Toosey's Mission by the author of Laddie, Zoe, etc.  bound with Let Us Follow Him by Henryk Sienkiewicz.  Chicago:  W. B. Conkey Company,  75 p. + 71 p, + 64 p.     

binding:  blue cloth stamped in red and black (deco with fruit trees) with woman's silhouette on front, gilded title on spine.

4 additional pages of publishers ad:

 "sole publishers of Ella Wheeler Wilcox's Books"


[no author]:  Laddie.  by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission  bound with Miss Toosey's Mission by the author of Laddie  Chicago:  W. B. Conkey Company, 1900 75 p. + 71 p  B&W frontis 

binding:  blue cloth stamped and embossed in red and gold (deco)

5 additional pages of publishers ad:

 Amaranth Series 165 titles include Laddie, Miss Toosey's Mission, & Zoe.

Complete list of the poetic and prose works  of Ella Wheeler Wilcox

[no author]:  Miss Toosey's Mission.  Laddie.. By the author of Gilly  Flower," "Honor Bright," "One of a Covey," "Larry's Luck," "Tom's Opinion."   with illustrations by J. Watson Davis.   New York: A. L. Burt Company, [n.d] 191 p. . illus.   [one source of the confusion of the anonymous authors of Laddie & Honor Bright.  kcp]

binding:  dark green cloth over boards,  front garlanded with pale green leaves and pink flowers, which form a wreath aroudn a young woman, dressed in pink and reading, title on front is in  red, in silver on spine. uniform with Gilly Flower

exlibrary, Fourth Baptist Community House.

8 pg. pub ad


[no author]:  Miss Toosey's Mission. By the Author of Laddie, etc.  Chicago:  M. A. Donohue & Co., 1903.  75 p. Bound with Laddie.  82 p. and a collection of children's classics with the Tanglewood introductions, 83-186 p.
binding: brown buckram, title & spine stamped in black with deco graphic,  book jacket in VG condition shows girl in a tree reading. [a detail from the book jacket is the logo for evelynwhitakerlibrary.org    kcp]

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