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Drawer 4 of this annotated catalog contains these titles by Evelyn Whitaker:
Lassie, Lil  and includes summaries of publishers' advertisements and descriptions of bindings. 
[I will be adding photo scans of more bindings in the future. kcp]




Whitaker, Evelyn:   Lassie  by Evelyn Whitaker the Author of Miss Toosey's Mission, Belle, Tom's Boy etc.  Boston:  Little, Brown & Company, 1903 (copyright 1901)   135 p. illus. 1 B&W plate by Jessie Wilson.     

binding:  green cloth, front stamped and embossed with dark   green floral vines and fruit trees, gold embossed title on front  and spine  (same cover design as my copy of  Pen, although  different publisher, same printer University Press, John Wilson  and Son, Cambridge.)   

front end paper lists:   " The Miss Toosey Books by Evelyn   Whitaker.  Miss Toosey's Mission, Laddie, and Pris; Baby John,   ZoŽ, and For the Fourth Time of Asking; Belle; Dear; Don; Lil;    My Honey; Our Little Ann; Tom's Boy; Rob and Kit; Rose and Lavender; Tip Cat; Pen; Pomona; Lassie; Faithful and Ward's  Cross; Gay."

2 pg advertisement at back lists these title (all priced at $1.00) with quotes from reviews.

This volume was digitized by EvelynWhitakerLibrary.org August 2008


[no author]:  Lassie. by the author of "Laddie," "Tip-cat," "Miss Toosey's Mission," etc.  London & Edinburgh:  W. & R. Chambers, Limited, [n.d.]   122 p. with frontis by Jessie Wilson.   printed by W.&R. Chambers, Edinburgh  

binding: ivory cloth over board, pictorial stamped in black, red & yellow of woman walking down a path carrying flowers  (?poppies?), title on front & spine in black.  

inscribed: "Miss M. Young Prize for Improvement in Lessons & Conduct Christmas 1903"

reverse title lists "By the author of "Laddie," "Tip-cat," etc.   Tom's Boy (Illus. by Percy Tarrant);  Don (illus by J. Finnemore);   Pomona (illus by Robert Barnes);  Belle (illus by G. Nicolet); Rose and Lavender (illus by Herbert A. Bone);  Lassie (fontis by Jessie Wilson);  Baby John (fontis by Herbert A. Bone);  Zoe. (Illus.)

6 pg publisher ads at back: 

Chamber's sixpenny series of stories for children  "Those in search of little books to give away to   Sunday School children should invest in some of  the charming sixpenny stories published by   Chambers."—British Weekly.

titles by EC Kenyon, L.E. Tiddeman, L.T. Meade, Mrs. Molesworth, Mrs. Fairbanks, Emma Gellibrand, the Hon. Eva Knatchbull-hugessen, Davina Waterson, Miss Edgworth.

Other authors & illustrators mentioned:    R.C.H. Morison, Agnes Giberne, Emma Marshall, Helen  Waters, Amy Walton (2), Esme Stuart (2), Mrs. O'Reilly   (2), Henley I. Arden,:  J. Finnemore (illus.), R. Burns (illus.),   Robert Barnes (illus.), H.A. Bone and Herbert A. Bone (illus.), Mrs. Molesworth (17 titles), W. Rainey (illus.), Lewis Baumer (illus.), p. Tarrant (illus.) , W. Hatherell (illus.), Mrs. L. T. Meade (19 titles), J Ayton Symington (illus.), W. Boucher  (illus.), J. Williamson (illus.), Everard Hopkins (illus.) , G. Nicolet (illus.).


Letters to Our Working Party:

[no author]:  Letters to Our Working Party.  by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission etc  New York:  E. & J. B. Young & Company, Cooper Union [n.d.]  printed by Perry, Gardner & Co., Curistor Street, London.  301 p.  

binding:  brown, stamped title in white with black lettering mimics a postal letter and includes a real U.S. 2-cent stamp.

3 pg advertisement at back is New List of Popular Works published by Wells, Gardner, Darton & Co., Pasternoster Buildings, E.C. lists by the author of Honor Bright or the Four-Leaved Shamrock One of a Covey, N. or M., and Peas-Blossom.

other titles in the listing are adventure stories for boys by James F. Cobb; two titles by Mrs. C. Hobart nee N.P.W.; two titles by anonymous authors illus by H.J.A. Miles; and several religious titles by W. Walsham How, S.J. Stone, W.D. MacLagan, W. Davenport Adams, and H.W. Tucker (a biography of Edward Field)

This volume was digitized by EvelynWhitakerLibrary.org August 2008



[no author]:  Lil.  by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission, Laddie, Tip-Cat, Our Little Ann, and Pen.  Boston:  Roberts Brothers, 1891.  University Press, John Wilson and Son, Cambridge301 p.  

binding:  drab green paste board, gold embossed spine, black floral upper left with title on front.    uniform with my copies of Baby John, and Our Little Ann.   

inscribed in ink:  property of ?Waletive Disil Library?

2 pg advertisement at back lists by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission:  Tip Cat, Our Little Ann, Pen, Lil, ZoŽ, Rose and Lavender, Pris with quotes from  reviews.

 2nd page of ads does the same for the books of Susan Coolidge,  comparing her to Miss Alcott.

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