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Drawer 7 of this annotated catalog contains these titles by Evelyn Whitaker:
Pen, Pomona, Pris and includes summaries of publishers' advertisements and descriptions of bindings. 
[I will be adding photo scans of more bindings in the future. kcp]


[no author]:  Pen. By the author of "Miss Toosey's Mission" and  "Laddie," "Tip-Cat," and "Our Little Ann."     Boston:  Roberts Brothers, 1888.  293 p.   University Press:  John Wilson and Son, Cambridge  illus. 1 B&W plate by Jessie Wilson

This is a reprint edition from Kessinger Publishing, missing page 294. Click Links on the navigation bar


[no author]:  Pen. By the author of "Miss Toosey's Mission" and  "Laddie," "Tip-Cat," and "Our Little Ann."     Boston:  Roberts Brothers, 1895.  294 p.   University Press:  John Wilson and Son, Cambridge  illus. 1 B&W plate by Jessie Wilson

binding:  tan cloth, front stamped and embossed with dark green floral vines and fruit trees, title in red on front and spine  (same cover design as my copy of  Lassie, although different publisher, same printer

10 pg ad at back

Books by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission and Laddie with review quotes lists Miss Toosey's Mission and Laddie, Tip Cat, Our Little Ann, Pen, Lil, ZoŽ, Rose and Lavender, Pris, Dear with frontis by Jessie McDermott, Baby John, Pomona, For the fourth time of asking, Don, My Honey.

Other authors:   Mary P. Wells, Mrs. Ewing,  Susan Coolidge, Edward E. Hale, Evelyn Raymond, Frank T. Merrill (illus.).


[no author]:  Pen. By the author of "Tip-Cat," "Miss Toosey's Mission" "Laddie," "Lil," and "Our Little Ann," "Pris," and "Dear"   London:  Ward, Lock and Co., Limited, n.d.  351 p.

back page:  Richard Clay & Sons, Limited, Bread St. Hill, E.C. and  Bungay, Suffolk.

frontis by A Hitchcock, 2 illus. pg 57 & 283 by someone else


binding:  red cloth, front stamped & embossed with gold green & white lilies.  deco look.  except for color uniform with my copies by this publisher of  Rob and Tip-Cat


inscribed:  Herbert Keeler, This book is the property of the Sunday School of the Church of the Ascension


Phoebe's Hero:

[no author]:  Phoebe's Hero. By the author of "Laddie" .    London and Edinburgh:  W. &. R. Chambers, Limited, [n.d.]   210 p.   [frontis & 3 illustrations by Percy Tarrant.  on the cover author of Tip-Cat

   binding:  green cloth, front & spine stamped & embossed in gold, dark red and pale breen in yellow, black, pale blue pictorial 2 girls reading.   

inscribed in ink in Greek



[no author]:  Pomona. By the author of "Laddie," "Tip-Cat," "Miss Toosey's Mission,"  "Rose and Lavender," "Zoe," ETC.    London and Edinburgh:  W. &. R. Chambers, Limited, 1894.   415 p.   [Pomona ends on p. 365.  The remainder is Let Water Run under the Bridge.]   frontis & 7 illustrations by Robert Barnes. 

   binding:  wedewood blue cloth, front & spine stamped in yellow, black, pale blue pictorial 2 girls reading.   

inscribed in pencil:  To Dorothy From Auntie Sarah with Best Wishes.


[no author]:  Pomona. By the author of "Miss Toosey's Mission  "Laddie," "Tip-Cat," and "Our Little Ann," "Pen," "Lil," "Zoe," "Rose and Lavender," "Pris," "Baby John,"  "Dear," "For the Fourth time of Asking."   Boston:  Roberts Brothers, 1894. (copyright 1893)  296 p.   illustrated (frontis) by Robert Barnes   University Press:  John Wilson and Son, Cambridge   

binding:  green cloth, title with floral stamped on front in dark brown, uniform with other books by this publisher   

inscribed:  M. Elizabeth Houck

8 pages publisher ads at back most with illustration:    Miss Alcott, Susan Coolidge, Laura E. Richards,  Miss A.G. Plympton,  Herbert D. Ward, Beatrice Washington, Mary Wells Smith


[no author]:  Laddie and other stories by the author of "Tip-Cat," "Dear," "Pen,": etc.  bound with Pris and Miss Toosey's Mission  London Melbourne and Toronto:  Ward, Lock & Co., Limited,  n.d.  92+92+92.    frontis illustration by F. Craig '94.   

binding:  green, stamped and gold embossed,  a lamp on a lamp stand, deco in style uniform with My Honey (1910)   

bookplate:  London County Council, Greenview Halston Rd.  School, awarded to Gladys Faulkner, for good work and  conduct, 16th June, 191? (it looks like 11, maybe) , W. R.  Morris, Head Teacher.

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