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Anonymous Author Evelyn Whitaker
Biography: Evelyn Whitaker
The Buttercups
Two Letters
by the author of Honor Bright
Points of confusion
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Digitized Titles by Evelyn Whitaker
Miss Toosey's Mission
Laddie & Lassie
Tip Cat
Letters to Our Working Party
Our Little Ann
Rose and Lavender
Baby John
Baby Bob
For the Fourth Time of Asking
My Honey
Rob [Rob and Kit]
Tom's Boy
Lassie & Laddie
Gay, a Story
K Cummings Pipes
Christ Church, San Pancras, Albany Street
The Woman Novelist as Theologian
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[Digitized titles were scanned and  saved as .pdf files  which preserved "the look" of the pages and made them searchable but they are very large files (12M) and you may prefer the .txt files which are smaller and load faster.  Thanks. kcp]

Download Letters...Working Party as searchable .pdf 12.55 MB

download Letters to Our Working Party as .txt

Lassie_1903 click to download txt file

Download Lassie as searchable.pdf 14.19 MB

Faithful   and  Gay will be the next digitzation projects of EvleynWhitakerLibrary.org 

Other Digitized Books by Evelyn Whitaker:

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Zoe. Project Gutenberg

Evelyn Whitaker titles at Internet Archive www.archive.org

Laddie. New York:  TY Crowell Co, 1894
Pen. Boston:  Roberts Brothers, 1888.
Rob and Kit. Boston:  Little, Brown, 1899
Tip Cat. Boston:  Roberts Brothers, 1884
Zoe. Boston:  Roberts Brothers, 1888
Zoe. Philadelphia:  H. Altemus, 1899
Digitized by Google:

Belle (Boston: Little, Brown, 1898) digitized by Google.

For the Fourth Time of Asking (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1894) digitized by Google.

Laddie (London: Walter Smith, 1880) digitized by Google.

Miss Toosey's Mission (London: Mozely & Smith, 1878) digitized by Google.

Miss Toosey's Mission (New York: E. P. Dutton, 1885) digitized by Google

Miss Toosey's Mission and Laddie (Boston: Roberts Brothers 1884) digitized by Google

Miss Toosey's Mission and Laddie (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1889) digitized by Google.

Our Little Ann (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1886) digitized by Google.

Pen (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1888) digitized by Google.

Pris (Boston: Roberts Brother, 1891) digitized by Google.

Tip Cat (London: Walter Smith, 1884) digitized by Google.

Tip Cat (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1884) digitized by Google.

Tom's Boy (Boston: Little, Brown, 1900) digitized by Google.

Zoe (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1890) digitized by Google.

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