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Drawer 10 of this annotated catalog contains items in the collection that are not written by  Evelyn Whitaker:
  1. books by the anonymous author of Gilly Flower and Honor Bright, who is not Evelyn Whitaker [Click by the author of Honor Bright on the navigation bar.] 
  2. pirated editions, usually Miss Toosey's Mission attributed to someone other than Evelyn Whitaker,which illustrate the hazards of anonymous authorship and provide examples of the copyright dispute between British authors/publishers and U.S. publishers
  3. miscellaneous items of interest to readers of Evelyn Whitaker or to those who are interested in publishing history, women authors, Victoriana...

By the anonymous author

of Honor Bright and Gilly Flower



Gilly Flower:

[no author]:  Gilly Flower. A Story for Girls. By the author of Miss Toosey's Mission," "Honor Bright," "One of a Covey," etc. etc.   New York: A. L. Burt Company, [n.d] 329 p. illus.   [one source of the confusion of the anonymous authors of Laddie & Honor Bright.  kcp]

book plate:  "ex libris"   

binding:  dark green cloth over boards,  front garlanded with  pale green leaves and pink flowers, which form a wreath around  a young woman, dressed in pink and reading, title on front is in   red, in silver on spine.     {I have seen uniform edition, this publisher of MTM & Laddie   by the author of Honor Bright etc.  kcp]


Honor Bright:

[no author]:  Honor Bright; or, the Four-leaved Shamrock. By the author of  "One of a Covey," Miss Toosey's Mission," "Tom's Opinion," "Larry's Luck," etc. etc.   New York: A. L. Burt, Publishr, [n.d] 282 p. illustrated by Harold H. Brown.   [one source of the confusion of the anonymous authors of Laddie & Honor Bright.  kcp]

"Straight is the line of duty, Curved is the line of beauty, Follow the one, and thou wilt see The other ever follows thee."   Fireside series for girls edition. 

binding:  red cloth, front & spine embossed and  stamped in black, cover vine frames woman's head, title on spine is red on gilt.

22 p. publishers catalog at back:

"Fireside Series for Girls. Uniform cloth Binding.  Illustrated.  A carefully selected series of books for girls,written by authors of acknowledged reputation.  The stories themselves are deeply interesting in themselves, and have  a moral charm that emanates from the principal characters; they teach without preaching, are of lively interest throughout, and will win the hearts of all girl readers."  Authors listed in this series include Rosa Nouchette Carey, L.T. Meade, Charlotte M. Yonge, Julianna Horatio Ewing, Rosa Mulholland, Lewis Carroll, Sarah Tytler, Charles Kingsley, George Macdonald, Grace Aguilar, Alice Cockran, Annie F. Armstrong, Eva Hartner, C.A. Jones, Sarah Doudney.

also included "The Fairy Library" lists 10 titles by 4 authors. 

A.L. Burt's Publications for Young People by Popular Authors. listing mostly history, boy's adventure, Horation Alger.  Includes 6 titles for girls by Annie E. Armstrong, Rosa Mulholland, Alice Corkran (2 titles), Sarah Doudney and Mrs. Molesworth. 


Five, Ten and Fifteen:

[no author]:  Five, Ten and Fifteen. By the author of  "Honor Bright," One of a Covey," Etc.  London: Wells Gardner Darton & Co., Ltd., 1908. 178 p.  frontis by Gordon Browne

front end paper inscribed in ink: "Beresford House School To W. Wartnaby for best French paper. Xmas exam. 1908. E. Vinter, Head Master."

binding:  green cloth, front & spine embossed and  stamped in red and gold, with black and dark green, light green and cream depicting in ramshankle building (perhaps a playhouse in the woods?)

10 p. publishers catalog at back:

Selected Prize Books.  Authors listed include:  Mrs. Bray, Jean Ingelow, Two Friends, Darley Dale, Mrs. R. O'Reilly, Haenley I Arden, Eleanor C. Price, Stella Austin (7 titles), Edmund Mitchell, R. W. K. Edwards, C. A. Jones, Rev. W. Walsham How, Ellinor J. Kelly, Rev. F. G. Jenyns, Ruth Lamb, J. F. Cobb, E. Buley, Helen L. Taylor, Phoebe Allen, Ismay Thorn, author of Honor Bright [Five, Ten & Fifteen] [Robin and Linnet illustrations by A. Forestier] [page layout suggests that Halt! and All's Well illustrated by A. G. Walker may be by same the author of Honor Bright] [Tom's Opinion, Larry's Luck, Hardy and Fool Hardy, illustrated by A. G. Walker], H.A. Forde, Mrs. Lysaght, Janie Brockman multiple titltes, Constance Cross, Mrs. Edward Cartwright, Mrs. Cox (Noel West),  E. M. Green, M. H. Cornwall-Legh, Phoebe Allen, Bessie Marchant, Davenport Cleland, A. G. Walker, Marion Andrews, Arthur E. Knight, Dora Jellet, Raymond Jacberns, Julia Hack multiple titles, Caroline Birley, Mrs. E. M. Field, Rev. J. Erskine Clarke, George Hewitt, Mres. Herbert Percival, Christabel R. Coleridge, P. M. Notrad, Mrs. Charolotte O'Brien, Mrs. Vidal, Emily Grace Harding, E. G. Wilcox, L. Indermaur, Mary MacLeod, L. E. Tiddeman, F. A. Bulley, F. Scarlett-Potter, Marian Andrews, A. B. Simeon, Harold Avery. 

Illustrators listed:  Alexander Monro, W. H. C. Groome, Norman Hardy, H.J.A. Miles, Gordon Browne, A. Pearce, H. Petherick, Arthur Hopkins, Charles Sheldon, John Jellicoe, T. Pym, W. H. K. Overend, J. L. Pethybridge, A. Forestier, J. Finnemore.


Hardy and Foolhardy:

[no author]:  Hardy and Foolhardy. By the author of  "Honor Bright, "The Two Blackbirds," etc., etc  London: Wells Gardner Darton & Co., Ltd., [n.d.] 127 p.  originally had frontis & 2 illustrations which have been stripped from this copy

bookplate:  "catechism of S. John Baptist... awarded to Gladys Franklin for good composititions and very regular attendance A.C. Young, Head Catechist, Epiphany, 1919."

binding:  light browncloth, front & spine  stamped in red , black, blue, green, and cream depicting 2 boys jumping from a window

4 p. publishers catalog at back includes 1 page on selecting books for girls and boys with praise for the publisher:

well-known Florin Series:  Authors listed include: Raymond Jacberns, E. M. Field, T. Cobb, author of Honor Bright [Gilly Flower], G. I. Whitham, E. Vaughan Smith, R. O'Reilly, Ruth Lamb,  Horace H. C. Buckley, M. Smith-Masters, Phoebe Allen, H. C. Moore.

 Illustrators listed:  Talbot Smith, Kate Street,  G. E. Robertson, Charles E. Brock, W. H. C. Groome, J. Prater.

Juveniles in splendid bindings.  Authors include:  author of Honor Bright [All's well] [Halt!] [To's Opinion, Hardy and Foolhardy, Larry's Luck], Carolin birley, E. M. Field, Marion Andres, Julia Hack, Raymond Jacberns, E. E. Cuthell, A. Talbot-Smith, Stella Austin,  Ismay Thorn, Ann Fraser Tytler, Mary MacLeod, Jean Ingelow, H. Beaumont, Frederica J. Turle, Irene Davidson, Leslie Moore, F. J. Harvey Darton, George Hewitt, Charles and Mary Lamb, Harold Avery, Mrs. Neville Cubitt, E. L. Bulley, E. G. Wilcox,  Janie Brockman, L. Indermaur, A. B. Simon, L. E. Tiddeman.

Illustrators include:  W. H. C. Groome, Paul Hardy, Dorothy Furnis, Harold Lisle, J. L. Pethybridge, Charles Brock, H. L. Bacon, J. Finnemore.

Miss Toosey's Mission and Laddie

[no author]:  Miss Toosey's Mission.  Laddie. By the author of Gilly Flower," "Honor Bright," "One of a Covey," "Larry's  Luck," "Tom's Opinion."   with illustrations by J. Watson DavisNew York: A. L. Burt Company, [n.d] 191 p. . illus.  [one source of the confusion of the anonymous authors of Laddie & Honor Bright.  This publishers' attribution may not be trusted.  kcp]

binding:  dark green cloth over boards,  front garlanded with  pale green leaves and pink flowers, which form a wreath around   a young woman, dressed in pink and reading, title on front is in   red, in silver on spine. uniform with Gilly Flower

exlibrary, Fourth Baptist Community House.

  8 pg. pub ad


Tom's Opinion:

[no author]:  Tom's Opinion. By the author of  "Honor Bright, "The Two Blackbirds," etc. etc. London: Wells Gardner Darton & Co., Ltd., 1891. 125 p.  frontis & illustrations by A. G. Walker

bookplate:  "Christ Church, Birmingham Day School, Diocesan Examination 1893. awarded to William Leggett for knowledge of Holy Scriptures. C. v. Wilcox, Vicar, Jan. 1894."

binding:  green cloth, front & spine embossed and  stamped in black and gold, with blue and brown depicting children with a 3-wheeled cart (with a sick or handicapped child?)

Other interesting items:


[no author]:  The Old Motto.  A Story by a New Author.  London:  Walter Smith (late Mozley), 1886.   96 p. printed by William Clowes and Sons.   

binding:  red cloth with blue & white Union Jack

  inscribed in pencil:  Zoe Brickall, 1887.

reverse title lists "Tip Cat...with two illustrations by Randolph  Caldecott.  By the Same Author. Our Little Ann... Miss  Toosey's Mission... Laddie..."



Clay, Bertha M..:  "Miss Toosey's Lover."   People's Magazine Monthly, No. 46, December 1898, pp1-35. New York:  The A.D. Porter, Co.     on the title page the author is given as Charlotte M. Braeme.  banner at the top of pages of is Miss Toosey's MissionIssue includes:  Calderon the Courtier by Sir E. Bulwer Lytton.  

binding:  none, cheap paper cover

6 pg. advertising The Hearthstone, including back cover:   mostly women authors:    Amelia E. Barr, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Josiah Allen's Wife, Elizabeth Wetherell, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Charlotte M.  Braeme, Anna Sewell, The Duchess, Mrs. Holmes, Beatrice Harraden, Laura Jean Libbey

Odds and Ends:

Mssrs. Roberts Brothers Publsihers.  by Raymond L. Kilgour.  Ann Arbor:  University of Michigan Press, 1952.  illustrated, xv 307 p. incl. bibliography & index.  A history of the authorized publisher of books "by the author of Miss Toosey's Mission, Laddie, Tip Cat, etc." in the United States during 1880s and 1890s until Little, Brown purchased their list.  Evelyn Whitaker is mentioned on p. 208 and p. 257
An endorsed receipt for royalties paid to E.W. is in the archive at Boston Athenaeum.

Enquire Within upon Everything.  113th edition.  Enlarged, Revised and Brought up to date by experts.  London: 
London:  Herbvert Jenkins Limited, circa 1923.  
 575 p. includes index    A 1 volume encylopedia of cookery, gardening, games, legal   and medical information, the social graces, the English  language, household hints, and other general information.   

binding bright green cloth with black

Women Authors of Our Day in Their Homes. Personal Descriptions   and   Interviews.  edited with additions by Francis Whiting Haley.  New York:  James Pott & Company, MCMIII  [1903]    copyright 1898,1899, 1901, 1902 by The New York Times   xiii 300 p. incl. index  "Twenty of these sketches were printed originally in The New  York Times Saturday Review of Books....  The six other   sketches were prepared especially for this volume." 

Companion volumes:  Authors of Our Day in Their Homes and    American Authors and Their Homes  

 inscribed in pencil:  "Julia R. Simon Brenham Texas" 

binding:  dark blue, gold embossed, woman in classic dress    reading beside the lamp of knowledge   

Authors included:     Marion Harland (Mrs. Terhune), Bertha Runkle,   Agnes Repplier,   Margaret Deland, Lucas Malet (Mrs. St. Leger Harrison),  Frances Hodgeson Burnett, Kate Douglas Wiggin (Mrs. George C. Riggs),  Mary Johnston,  John Oliver Hobbs (Mrs. Craigie),   Amelia E. Barr,    Louise Chandler,  Mrs. Humphrey Ward,  M.E.W. Sherwood (Mrs.   John Sherwood),  Blanche Willis Howard  (Madame von Teuffel),    Harriet Prescott Spofford,  A.D.T. Whiney, Margaret E. Sangster,   Ruth McEnery Stuart, Mary E. Wilkins,  Julia Ward Howe, Jennette L. Gilder, Edith Wharton, Gertrude Atherton,  Mary Mapes Dodge, Rebecca Harding Davis,  Edith M. Thomas,  Elizabeth Stuart (Mrs. Ward)


Ambauen, Andrew Joseph (Rev.):  The Floral Apostles or What the Flowers Say to the Thinking Man derived largely from the utterances of some of the wisest men in all ages. with an introduction by Rev. Edward I. Fitzpatrick, formerly professor in st. Thomas' Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota.  New Edition.  Milwaukee, WIS:  M. H. Wiltzius & Co., 1900. 373 p.  

binding:  blue cloth stamped & embossed in gold


Benham, Georgene CorryPolite Life or What Is Right in Etiquette and the Social Arts.  Illustrated.  [no place, preface indicates USA]:  Robt. O. Law., 1895.  frontis is portrait of the author with signature.

binding:  cream leather stamped & embossed in gold and blue forget-me-not [in poor condition

Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn:  Cranford A Tale.   Everyman's Library edited by Ernest Rhys.   London:  J.M. Dent & Co New York:  E. P. Dutton & Co, [n.d.]  255 p.   printed by Turnbull and Spears, Edinburgh   frontis:  "a tale which holdeth children from play & old men from the chimney corner"  Sir Philip Sidney   

binding:  burgundy leather, top page edge gilded, front & spine stamped & embossed in gold "Everyman/ I will go with  thee/   and be thy guide/ In thy most need/ to go by thy  side."  

inscribed:  "Many Happy Returns of the day to Auntie Minnie from Helen-Jane With love Feb. 1-1913"                


Mitford, Mary RussellOur Village with an introduction by Anne Thackeray Ritchie.  London, New York:  Macmillan and Co., 1893   with 100 illustrations by Hugh Thomson.  256 p.  printed by R. &. R. Clark, Edinburgh    

binding:  green calf, gold embossed flowers in the style of  Cedric Chivers, gilt edges.  from the booksellers description:  "This is the kind of binding that Alice Shepherd would have done for Chivers.  According to Tidcombe, Shepherd began working for Chivers at Portway, Bath, in  about 1897, where she was in charge of a department of about five women doing cut and modeled calf work. "    

inscribed in pencil on 1st title:    "And this our life exempt from public haunt   Finds tongues in trees, books in running brooks,   Sermons in stones & good in everything. I would not change it."     from Shakespeare, As You Like It


Saint-Pierre, BernardinPaul and Virginiatranslated from the French by Clara Bell.  New York:  The F.M. Lupton Publ. Co.,   copyright 1887 by William S. Gottsberger  219 p. 

binding, red leather, front stamped embossed with leaves in green, red,  and gold, gilt title on spine, top pages gilded  [Having read this book I share Evelyn Whitaker's negative  opinion of it, expressed in Tip-Cat, page 332.  kcp]


Wood, Mrs. HenryEast Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood  [no city]:  T. Nelson and Sons [n.d] 497 p.  frontis illus. by      

binding;  dark green, woman in green hat, pink dress paste on       



Whitaker's Journal of Amusing and Instructive Literature.  Containing As    longs as she lived. by F. W. Robinson.  Who Killed John Cameron? by J. S.           Borlase.  Jack Racket.  by James Greenwood. etc. etc. etc. published at the office, 12, Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row, London.  January – June 1876.     weekly issues. "printed by Whittingham and Wilkins at the Chiswick Press,    Tooks Court, Chancery Lane, in the county of Middlesex, for Joseph Whitaker, and published by him at the office..."

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