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Illustrations were an important aspect of book publication in the 19th Century.  High quality illustrations on heavy slick paper increased production costs but they added value to the higher priced editions.  Even very cheap editions might include crude sketches as part of their chapter headings.
Readers appreciated the illustrator's art  as an aid to their imagination, their "reader's eye."  Today illustrations are often removed from the books which inspired them to be framed and hung as works of arts.  Unfortunately when this is done the book is destroyed and the illustrations lose their context.  What a pity--as the books disappear it becomes more difficult to find the less famous of the writers and the voices of women writers and the writers of children's books are forever silenced.
The illustrators of works by Evelyn Whitaker are listed below:
  • WHO? did color "portraits" for the paper paste-ons for the covers of Laddie and Miss Toosey's Mission publsihed by Ward & Lock.  The same illustrator may have also done color lithograph prints for the same publisher.


  • Robert Barnes.  Pomona 8 illus published by W. & R. Chambers and  also the Chambers issue of Zoe, 1890.


  • Herbert A. Bone.  Rose & Lavender 4 illus published by W & R Chambers circa 1910.


  • Walter Cooper Bradley.  frontis for Laddie & Miss Toosey's Mission published by Henry Altemus, no date.


  • George Reiter Brill


  • Randolph Caldecort.  Pen and ink sketches for the first edition of Tip Cat, published by W. Smith circa 1880.  Click Tip Cat on the navigation bar to see an example of these illustrations used in the reissue by Ward & Lock.


  • J.D. Cooper.  Copper engraving for Tip Cat published by W. Smith circa 1890.


  • Sydney Cowell.  Gray monochrome for for My Honey, published by Ward & Lock circa 1910.  Click My Honey on the navigation bar to see examples of his work.


  •  J Finnemore.  Pencil or charcoal drawing, black & white plates for Don 8 illus. published by W. & R. Chambers 1895.


  • J. ?Harley?.  [uncertain]  Baby John, Zoe, For the Fourth Time of Asking, published by Little, Brown, 1903. 


  • Eliott Keen.  Black & white plates for Laddie (the Editha Series) published by H.M. Caldwell 1905. Click Laddie & Lassie on the navigation bar to see examples of his work.


  • ?W H Listern? W H Lesban? [uncertain] Zoe published by Henry Altemus 1899. or is this the same as
  • W Hatherell illustrated Lassie for Cambers;


  • G. NicoletBelle 6 illus W. & R. Chambers


  • H. Winthrop PierceLaddie.  frontis and 3 other black & white plates published by E. P. Dutton 1891.


  • W. Rainey.
  • Pruett Share.  Black & white, line drawing, frontis for Tip Cat, 1884 edition by Roberts Brothers. Click Links to view this illustration at books digitized by Google.


  • Percy Tarrant.   Nobody does it better! Click Gay, a story on the navigation bar to see his lovely monochrome illustrations.  Percy is the brother of Margaret Tarrant, illustrator of Ward & Lock's Fairy Tales, 48 plates [I saw the 1919 edition but it may have been a reissue.  kcp]Among Percy Tarrants illustrations are:  Tom's Boy 8 illustrations for W. & R. Chambers 1900 and  6 illustrations for Gay also published by W. & R. Chambers 1900.  Little, Brown also used some of them in their 1903 issue of Gay, a story.
  • Jessie Wilson. Gray monochrome for Lassie published by W. & R. Chambers.  Little Brown also used these illustrations for their 1903 publication. Click Laddie & Lassie on the navigatin bar for the link the Lassie page.


  • J Williamson.  Rob  Ward & Lock. frontis for Little, Brown issue of Rob & Kit.


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